Collection of GCE & GCSE Certificates

Collection of exam certificates

Please be advised that GCE & GCSE certificates will be available for student collection from the middle of the November following the summer in which students have sat exams.

It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that certificates are collected as we do not automatically post these out.

A student signature will be required on collection.

If a student cannot collect these themselves then they may send a signed note authorising someone else to collect these on their behalf.

No certificates will be released without either a student signature or an authorisation note.

Certificates are kept in the Exams Office for three years from the date a student leaves the Academy. If these are still unclaimed at the end of this period then a record will be kept and they will be securely destroyed.

It is important that a student collects their certificates before the collection deadline as replacement certificates will have to be organised and paid for by the student direct with the awarding bodies.

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