Extra Curricular Clubs


ClubStaffLocationYear Group(s)Day(s)Time
KS4 Rock and Pop ClubRhiannon HarrisA69;10;11;12;13;Monday A;Monday B;15:15-16:15;
Music Theory ClubRhiannon HarrisA69;10;11;12;13;Thursday A;Thursday B;15:15-16:15;
The Music ClubRhiannon Harris and Peter SaulA67;8;9;10;11;12;13;Friday A;Friday B;15:15-16:15;
Year 7 and 8 Singing ClubRhiannon HarrisA67;8;Thursday A;Thursday B;12:50-13:20;
Chess ClubOliver AlexanderPC57;8;9;10;11;12;13;Monday A;Monday B;15:15-16:15;
Dungeons and DragonsMr WilliamsT67;8;9;10;11;12;13;Wednesday A;Wednesday B;15:15-16:15;
Culture/EAL ClubCiara MarkhamN47;8;9;10;11;12;13;Thursday A;Thursday B;12:50-13:20;
German ClubMiss B Walpole and Mrs K ClaytonN68;9;Wednesday A;Wednesday B;15:15-16:15;
Green SocietyEWSAllotment7;8;9;10;11;12;13;Tuesday A;Tuesday B;15:15-16:15;
Latin GCSECiara Furlong, Rachael HopleyJ2, J310;11;Monday A;Thursday A;Monday B;Thursday B;Wednesday A;Wednesday B;15:15-16:15;
Friday ClubCiara Furlong, Ellen Castley, Esther HydeJ37;8;9;10;11;12;13;Friday A;Friday B;15:15-16:15;
Python Adventure GameAWI, NRET37;8;9;Wednesday A;Wednesday B;15:15-16:15;
Year 9 Art ClubAWEJ99;Monday A;Monday B;15:15-16:15;
DramaAmy Southam, Alice Watts and Laura SaundersA57;8;9;10;11;12;13;Monday A;Monday B;15:15-16:15;
KS4 FootballLSNField10;11;Thursday B;Thursday A;15:15-16:15;
Tennis clubJordan StimsonSports MUGA7;8;9;10;11;12;13;Wednesday A;Wednesday B;15:15-16:15;
Textiles ClubRachel Cook, Harriet BerryS57;8;9;Wednesday A;Wednesday B;15:15-16:15;
Maths circlesWilliam MartinE88;Wednesday A;Wednesday B;15:15-16:15;
Ancient HistoryJoshua Osborne, Christopher BerrisfordD47;8;9;10;11;12;13;Wednesday A;15:15-16:15;
Geog Squad!Adam Revell, Jon Ward, Samual Yare, Matthew RogersPC47;8;9;10;11;12;13;Tuesday A;Tuesday B;15:15-16:15;
GCSE Music Lunchtime Band RehearsalsMr. SaulJ1810;11;Monday A;Tuesday A;Wednesday A;Thursday A;Friday A;Monday B;Tuesday B;Wednesday B;Thursday B;Friday B;12:50-13:20;
Year 9 RugbyPSMField9;Tuesday A; Tuesday B;15.00 - 16.10;
TrampoliningNMNGym 17;8;9;10;11;12;13;Tuesday A; Tuesday B;15.00 - 16.10;
Year 8 FootballBSHField8;Tuesday A; Tuesday B;15.00 - 16.10;
PE LeadershipNMNGym 1Invite only; Wednesday A; Wednesday B; 15.00 - 16.10;
Intermediate TennisJSNMUGA / Gym 17;8;9;10;11;12;13;Wednesday A; Wednesday B; 15.00 - 16.10;
Year 7 FootballGMSField7;Wednesday A; Wednesday B; 15.00 - 16.10;
Girls FootballCWDField7;8;9;10;11;12;13;Wednesday A; Wednesday B; 15.00 - 16.10;
BadmingtonACSSports Hall7;8;9;10;11;12;13;Wednesday A; Wednesday B; 15.00 - 16.10;
Year 7 NetballHVSMUGA7;Wednesday A; Wednesday B; 15.00 - 16.10;
GCSE RevisionLSNT510; 11;Thursday A; Thursday B;15.00 - 16.10;
Year 7/8 RugbyPSMField7; 8;Thursday A; Thursday B;15.00 - 16.10;
Year 8/9 NetballHVSMUGA8; 9;Thursday A; Thursday B;15.00 - 16.10;
Year 7/8 BasketballBSHField7; 8Thursday A; Thursday B;15.00 - 16.10;
Year 9 FootballMMSField9;Thursday A; Thursday B;15.00 - 16.10;
Year 9-11 BasketballCMMGym 29;10;11Friday A; Friday B;15.00 - 16.10;
Beginners TennisJSNMUGA/Sports Hall7;8;9;10;11;12;13;Friday A; Friday B;15.00 - 16.10;

Late Bus

Parents can sign up on EduLink in the Clubs section to the Watlington or the Outwell late bus which runs Monday-Friday.
The routes are as follows:
  • Outwell/Upwell: Salters Lode Bus Stop, Nordelph Car Wash Bus Stop, Crown Lodge, Ali Kebabs Bus Stop, The Crown Pub, Orchard Gardens, Baptist Rd Bus Stop, Postbox Bus Stop, A1101 Nr Silt Road, PE14 9JQ, Welney
  • Watlington: Stow Bridge, Magdalen, Runcton Holme (by request), Fen Rd/Downham Road, Rectory Lane, Britton Close, Wormegay, Shouldham, Fincham

More about our clubs...

KS4 Rock and Pop Club

After school on a Monday we practise the art of music performance whether it is solo or ensemble playing. This extra-curricular activity is recommended for students taking, or planning to take, GCSE music. Students that join KS4 music club get the opportunity to perform to audiences throughout the year. Year 9-11 welcome!

Music Theory Club

Music theory helps to develop your musical knowledge. It is particularly beneficial if you are looking to take GCSE music and/or are interested in composing.

The Music Club

Come and join in with the school band where we play lots of fun pop songs together! Students of all abilities can join in and work towards our next performance. All students and teachers are welcome to join!

Year 7 and 8 Singing Club

Year 7s and 8s are welcome to come along during lunch break for a sing along to improve your singing abilities and enjoy the opportunity to sing with others. There will be various opportunities throughout the school year to show off your singing talents!

Chess Club

Whether you are a complete beginner or already a budding grandmaster, DMA chess club is the place to be to hone your skills!  We will learn new techniques, practice our moves and compete against each other on the chequered board.

Dungeons and Dragons

Come and join a game of storytelling in a world of sword and sorcery. Working together the group may explore a dark dungeon, a ruined city, a haunted castle, a lost temple or even the depths of the Nine Hells themselves. Experienced and New players welcome!

Culture/EAL Club

There are many different types of cultures, languages and beliefs that make up a school, its local community, the UK and the world! It’s important to keep challenging our own point of view by learning about other ways of thinking, communicating and expressing ourselves. Together we can celebrate different cultures, beliefs and ways of expressing ourselves.

German Club

Want to learn a new language? German Club offers you the opportunity to learn, practice and develop your language-learning skills. Running every Wednesday after school, we will be doing a variety of über-fun activities and exercises to help you become confident German communicators. Bis bald!

Green Society

This term we will be tidying up the allotment ready to put it to bed over winter. Please feel free to pop in and join us, do a spot of weeding, harvest the produce we have grown over summer and hopefully welcome the new school chickens…
Please note there will be no Papillion Project on a Thursday until later in the year.

Latin GCSE

This is the twilight class for completing GCSE Latin. If you are Year 10 you will be in J2 with Miss Hopley and if you are Yr11 you will be in J3 with Miss Furlong.

Friday Club

This is a club for open-minded people who want to meet other people like them. We will have a focus on fun activities, interesting discussions and a chance for people to mingle with one another! We meet in the canteen on Friday afterschool.

Python Adventure Game

Learn to code in Python while making an exciting and creative adventure game.

Year 9 Art Club

An opportunity for Year 9 students to refine and develop their practical art skills. You will have support to improve your proficiency in a range media, materials, techniques and processes.


In drama club we welcome everyone to come along and learn new skills/techniques. Each session is different, from one week to the next (we might be clowning, learning to lift, improvising, bringing a play to life or learning more  about life backstage), and we always put on a whole school show!

KS4 Football

Key Stage 4 Football invites year 10s and 11s to come and train and play on a Thursday Evening on the field. Please bring your boots and shinpads, there will be fixtures available for all students. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tennis club

Come and develop your Tennis or ever pick up a racket for the first time. All abilities welcome! Don’t forget to book your late bus if needed.

Textiles Club

Welcome to Textiles Club – Come and join us on a Wednesday after school to improve your textiles skills in a relaxed and low pressure environment. Whether you want to make a pencil case or try out making an item of clothing, there is a space for you! Tie dyeing, embroidery, applique, quilting and more will be some of the skills you’ll be learning, improving or mastering! We look forward to having you after the October half term!

Maths circles

Mathematics problem solving looking at using Maths to solve a variety of real world and abstract problems.

Ancient History

This club is about delving into the ancient world that created the one we live in now. How were the first cities created? Why did empires, writing, and mythology develop? And what do you do if your army is being charged at by Carthaginian war elephants? This club will look into answering questions like these in a fun atmosphere, and is especially perfect if you are thinking about taking Ancient History GCSE.   

Geog Squad!

Calling all Geographers! Are you interested in saving the planet, current events and all things geographical?  Could you be the next David Attenborough? Then join the Geog Squad! A club for people with a passion for the world around us.  Every Tuesday in PC4.

GCSE Music Lunchtime Band Rehearsals

For students taking GCSE Music, J18 is open for rehearsals most lunchtimes on order for you to spend extra time on equipment, honing your skills and working on performance pieces.

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