Many of our staff wear LGBTQ+ ally badges – you can speak to any of your teachers for support!

We are proud to be badge holders of the Rainbow Flag Award from the Kite Trust, which we were awarded in May 2022. This award demonstrates our school’s commitment to improving the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community across our school, be that within the curriculum or through our pastoral care, and recognises the support we provide to our students who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning their sexuality or gender identity. We celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month in February and Pride Month in June each year.  

Many of our staff wear LGBT+ Ally badges, and our school’s Pride Club takes place on Fridays between 15:15 – 16:00.  

Students or families with questions about the support we can provide to individuals can speak to any member of staff

The organisations below provide support to LGBTQ+ young people and their families. The school does not directly endorse the organisations or the support they provide.  

It is through The Kite Trust that DMA is working on the Rainbow Flag Award. There are a variety of services for young people, including one to one support, youth groups, residential trips and a podcast. The Kite Trust also provide support for families, including a fortnightly meeting for parents and carers of Trans and Non-binary young people.

Map help young people in Norfolk to find their way in life. They have dedicated support pages for LGBTQ+ young people, including Evolve – a monthly group transgender, intersex, genderqueer and gender-questioning young people.

Mind is a mental health charity that has a section devoted to supporting LGBTQ+ people. They have organised events, meet ups and can also support LGBTQ+ people In contacting other appropriate organisations. They have lots of resources of how to support your own mental health.

Norfolk LGBT+ Project’s continued mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBT+ people of all ages and communities in Norfolk and Waveney. They provide 1:1 support, LGBT+ drop-in groups, family support for families of LGBTQ+ people and more.

Linked to the Norfolk LGBT+ Project, Norfolk Community Foundation provide support to LGBTQ+ people across Norfolk, including one to one support, family support and low-cost counselling. They have recently published a handbook to support young people with Gender Dysphoria.

The Proud Trust offers support to young people who are exploring their identity, wanting to come out, navigating their identity and their faith, and wanting to interact with people like themselves. They also have a web chat for young people and trusted adults where weekly support is provided.

Stonewall have been campaigning for LGBTQ+ people’s right to live their lives as they are since 1989. They are a national charity offering information and support, including a localised search of LGBTQ+ support via postcode.

This page is intended to provide a summary of organisations that can provide access to support for LGBTQ+ young people and their families. It is not a direct endorsement of support provided by the organisations.

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